Friday, 6 November 2015

Don Bosco 200th Anniversary
Reunion in Counting House,Glasgow on Nov 1st 2015

Present : Joe Doogan, Greg Bell, John Bergin, Terry Devine, Sheena Devine, Felix Gilfedder, Roisin Gilfedder, Brendan Gill, Rosemary Gill, Jim Hughes, Frank Reilly, Phil McMahon, John Quinn, Joe Quinn, Tommy Walker.
Apologies for absence: 3 people had sent apologies to Joe Doogan.

The reunion took place as part of the Salesian celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of Don Bosco's birth in the form of a meal and refreshments in the Counting House, St Vincent's Place,Glasgow.

A number of Shrigley Old Boys gathered along with 3 wives. 

While the occasion was highly informal and most enjoyable,two items of "business" were  raised.
1. Annual Don Bosco Day Mass
It was agreed that we should continue to meet around Don Bosco's day.With the Salesians no longer in Glasgow a number of options for the venue for Mass were discussed including:
St Benedict's Easterhouse with Mass being said by the parish priest (if agreeable).This would keep the ties with the Salesian sisters' community on that site
St Benedict's with Mass being said by Fr Billy Bergin (if available) who is a former Shrigley boy)
St John Bosco's parish,New Stevenson ( because of the association with the name of Don Bosco)
Fr Billy Bergin's parish in East Kilbride ( to have a link with  a former Shrigley boy)
St Andrew's Cathedral,Glasgow (ease of access and proximity to the Counting House if this was wanted)
Joe Doogan agreed to explore these options further.

2. Shrigley Reunion 2016
Joe Doogan alerted those present to the probabilty of a reunion at Shrigley to be organised by English Old Boys in October 2016.
Once details were confirmed it would be for individual Scots to make their own arrangements to attend if they so wished.

The reunion ended with a vote of thanks Joe Doogan for arranging this particular get-together.