Thursday, 19 November 2015

From the Chertsey Cooperators, 16.11.2015

Hi all,
Just a quick update on Ken Greaney's condition, which is all good news today. I wasn't going to generate another email until he was out of intensive care, as there hadn't been much to report, just gradual daily improvements. However, due to lack of beds in the wards he's being kept in intensive care for the time being, but will be 'kicked-out' as soon as a bed is available.​
Today he's been at his best yet; all his tubes and wires have been removed, his speech and communication is strong, he's eating​ and drinking normally, has been out of bed sitting in a chair and the best news is that he now has a reasonable amount of movement in his left hand. ​ ​His arm has been getting gradually stronger, but following work with the physio today the hand is also starting to function.
There's still no conclusive news on the impact of the stroke, but the signs are currently all positive - he's still due for a CT Scan, but there's no indication as to when that will happen.I've advised him that if he dictates a message then I'd be happy to circulate it on his behalf, so if he remembers, that's his task for tomorrow - watch this space ... ... ...

Thanks again to everybody for all the support, love and prayers - both Ken and Barbara are overwhelmed with the response and apologise for not being able to get back to everyone who has text. They will catch-up with everyone in due course.
God bless everyone.