Tuesday, 7 June 2016

                      Shrigley Old Boys 2016 Reunion 

First pics from the Reunion, Bollington Cemetery


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 PROPOSED PROGRAMME                                      
                                                                 Friday 7 October     

                                                                 Arrive Shrigley/Savio                                                                 

                                                                 Buffet at Savio 7pm                                                                   

                                                                 Saturday 8 October     

                                                                 Breakfast free after                                                    

                                                                 1100hrs.. Mass at at Savio                                        

                                                                 Visit to Bollington cemeterySeveral Salesians are buried here including Fr Bernard Parkes who died April 2014. 
                                                                 1330hrs.. Lunch at Shrigley Hall                               

                                                                 1500hrs.. Presentations xxxxx.. Cheshire suite                     

                                                                 1630hrs ..Visit to  Shrigley Cemetery                       

                                                                  1800hrs...Dinner at Savio                                         

                                                                 2000hrs ..Concert at Savio                                        

                                                                 Sunday 9 October


                                                                 1000hrs (TBC) ..Mass at Savio                                   

                                                                  1200hrs ..Lunch at Savio