Thursday, 21 September 2017

From Joe Lomax via e-mail
Dear friends,
Will you please keep both Jane and David Murphy in your prayers. Jane, as you may know, has had several operations on her back but now it is David also which needs our help.
Jane writes “David is undergoing a serious emergency operation this evening which might take up to 5hrs. He has a twisted small intestine which needs to be seen to soon rather than later.
He'll be in high dependency unit because of his sleep apnea and then in North Manchester Hospital up to 2 weeks.
His recovery might be longer. I'll keep you informed of his progress. The doctors have listed a long list of complications which could occur. But his health must come first and all his trips abroad have been cancelled”
Then “David is back from theatre and on the critical care ward - he's awake but sleepy.
Results coming back showed that he also had a growth.
Today “Bad news I'm afraid. David got the results of the biopsy - there were some cancer cells within it. They did remove the growth from the small bowel. He now has to have chemo - which should start with the next two weeks.” 

All in all as cheerful as he was today when I visited him he really needs our help.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Bernard O'Neill posted the following on the Facebook Group "SHRIGLEY":

Tomorrow 06 Sept is the 59th anniversary of starting at Shrigley in '58. It's also the same anniversary of different years to all of you reading. My life changed forever and am so grateful to have the Salesian spirit that has helped formed my life since.
Happy memories and wishing all SOB' s a great day. AD MULTOS ANNOS.

Bernard didn't say that many of the 58ers are entering their eightieth decade around the same time: older ones may be keeping quiet but looking enviously at us "young ones"