Friday, 30 March 2018

A message from our President:

Dear past pupils and friends of don Bosco.

The feast of Easter is approaching and I would  like to share with you a great joy and hope in my heart which comes from a secret of coming days.
Easter feast may show us a great example of sacrifice of Jesus for all humanity, for all our sins. He died to save us and our souls for eternity.
I invite you during next days to stop and contemplate the mystery of salvation.
May don Bosco will be example for us as well. He also gave his whole life to serve people and to save them, especially young and needy. Deeply inspired by Jesus, he was able to live difficult life with a great joy and love.
I wish you all to be able to see a sense of all things and situations hapening in your everyday life, whether positive or negative...
May the salesian joy we have received will be reply to anything what will come.
I pray for all past pupils and friends of don Bosco in the world.
Michal Hort

And from Bernard: Don't forget to book in for our Reunion in September