Friday, 13 July 2018


Bernard O'Neill writes

Here's  confirmation of the bookings and numbers for SOB 18Confirmed bookings:
Patrick O'Neill;
Gerry Wright;
Michael McManus (2);
Bernard O'Neill;
Michael Dewane;
Greg Bell;
John Ballard;
Keith Dransfield (3)
Paul Barnes;
Joe Lomax;
Michael Mullen (2);
Terry Gorman (2):
Joe Adams

 Friday Buffet...10

Sat lunch at Shrigley...17 plus any SDB's

Sat supper at Savio....15

Sun lunch at Savio.....15

 Drinks fund .............£75Expenses fund........£63.75 (flowers for cemeteries, lunch for SDB's,, badges, wine for supper, printing )
I am expecting a few sponsors twho will contribute towards these expenses so should be able to cover all  costs. Rooms booked at Savio ...4

Can all bookings (NOT SHRIGLEY ACCOMMODATION WHICH SHOULD BE PAID DIRECT TO THE HOTEL) please pay the balance owed as soon as possible before 30 July so will have money to cover expenses. 

There maybe a few late bookings and both Savio and Shrigley will accomodate!